Changing tomorrow's approach of surgeries and clinical interventions

Bringing accuracy and precision to the microsurgeries

Realistic Surgical Environment
Personalized Medicine
Micro Surgery Training
Novel 4D Simulator for Microsurgeries
Plan- Practice - Operate
Improving the procedural skills of surgeons & clinicians

Enhanced Learning Curve

An alternative to ex-vivo and animal lab

An innovative approach

Reduce ethical issues and other regulations for development and testing

Simple and Realistic Training Approaches

Improve patient safety

Lower the morbidity of surgeries

An alternative method to train complex surgeries and procedures

Plan your procedures in advance

Prepare for Robotic Surgeries and Interventions

Pre-Operative Treatment Planning for Robot- assisted intervention

Solutions and Offers


  • Analyze surgical Training and Performance score
  • True 1:1 scale of Patient Anatomy with functional physiology
  • Visualize the patient image dataset during the Training session
  • Improves the Learning Curve of Residents and Trainees
  • Improves Confidence and Fidelity to operate

4D simulation carries the potentials to be part of neurosurgeons armamentarium when preparing themselves to single surgical cases…

The 4D simulation allowed me to experience what it means to visualize properly the aneurysm, prepare a good approach, choose the right clip…

4D Simulator has excellent potential to contribute significantly to neurosurgical training, case preparation, and patient safety in the future and I am excited to follow the further development