We provide state-of-art technology
to train and educate neurosurgeons
and interventional neuroradiologists
of all levels

We offer a unique and immersive experience
with our Neurosurgical and Endovascular Simulators

Changing tomorrow 's approach
of surgeries and clinical

Bring accuracy and precision to the microsurgeries

We introduce the next-generation
Endovascular simulator

Designed to provide an unparalleled training experience.

Implant & Surgical Tools

Simultaneous 3D visualization of Microsurgical
instruments and implants for strategic procedural
pre-operative planning


Cutting-edge solutions for neurosurgeons


Realistic Surgical Environment


Personalized Medicine


Micro Surgery Training



AI data-driven High-Fidelity Medical Education



A Medical Simulator with Mixed Reality Experience

Our simulator offers a unique state-of-art technology to train and educate neurosurgeons of all levels and improve their skills in a realistic and safe environment. The simulator is designed to mimic the conditions and challenges of real surgery, allowing surgeons to refine their techniques and gain experience in a risk-free setting.

A Roadmap to became an Expert Surgeon

Our simulator is designed for both novice and experienced surgeons. For beginners, the simulator offers an introduction to the basics of neurosurgery, including anatomy and surgical techniques. For experienced surgeons, the simulator offers a platform to refine their skills and learn new techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Diversified Neurosurgical Pathologies

One of the key features of our simulator is its ability to simulate a range of neurological conditions and procedures. Surgeons can practice and learn how to operate on conditions such as brain tumors, aneurysms, and other neurological disorders. Our simulator provides realistic feedback to surgeons, helping them to improve their performance and technique.

Compatibility with IGT technologies

Our simulator is also compatible with advanced imaging technology such as Surgical Microscope, MRI and CT scans, which provide accurate and detailed images of the patient's brain. This technology allows surgeon to plan and practice surgeries before performing them on real patients, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes.

A Simulator for your R&D and Technical Demonstration

In addition to providing a platform for surgeons to practice and improve their skills, our simulator is also used for research and development in the field of neurosurgery. Researchers can use our simulator to test new surgical techniques and devices, and to gain a better understanding of the brain and neurological disorders.

Achieving supremacy in Neurosurgery Training

At our Neurosurgical Simulator, we are committed to providing the highest quality training and education for neurosurgeons. Our simulator is designed to improve patient outcomes, reduce the risk of complications and advance the field of neurosurgery. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our state-of-art simulator and how it can benefit you.


Improving the procedural skills of surgeons &clinicians

Enhanced Learning Curve

An alternative to ex-vivo and animal lab

An innovative approach

Reduce ethical issues and other regulations for development and testing

Simple and Realistic Training Approaches

Improve patient safety

Reduce the morbidity associated with surgeries.

An alternative method to train complex surgeries and procedures

Plan your procedures in advance

Prepare for Robotic Surgeries and Interventions

Pre-Operative Treatment Planning for Robot- assisted intervention

Solutions and Offers

Analyze surgical Training and Performance score
True 1:1 scale of Patient Anatomy with functional physiology
Visualize the patient i-scan during the Training session
Improves the Learning Curve of Residents
Improves Confidence and Fidelity to operate
Surgical Simulator in operation theater


The 4D simulation allowed me to visualize the aneurysm properly to prepare a good approach and choose the right clip.

Dr. med. Martin Hlavica MD

4D Simulator has excellent potential to contribute significantly to neurosurgical training, case preparation, and patient safety in the future and I am excited to follow the further development.

Markus K.H. Wiedmann

Senior consultant & Director of residency program

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